visioonIn addition to the conduction of audit controls which result in an independent auditor report, we aim to provide more than our customers expect from us. We assure the proper management of our services which include the audit planning, documenting as well as the in-house quality management to ensure compliance with professional norms.

More than 90% of all companies in Estonia are small or medium-sized enterprises. These companies are managed by people who have dedicated their lives to achieve the company’s aims with impressive determination. This results in socially important jobs, new fields of activities and technological improvement. Legal framework that regulates their activities is constantly expanding. The authorities issuing laws and regulations presume that entrepreneurs can keep track with constant changes in the legal framework. Partnership that is based on consistency and long-term perspective serves as an investment into confidence. The auditor’s comprehension of entrepreneurship and the point of view of the entrepreneurs are in constant development. Relationships between our personnel and customers are long-lasting and personal.

We in believe that small and medium-sized enterprises and organisations feel more comfortable when dealing with small and medium-sized service providers.